Underwater for Tahoe sup

Client: Tahoe SUP Paddle Boards
Agency: The Glen Group
Location: Lake Tahoe, CA
ECD: B.C. LeDoux
Retoucher: me


I love shooting underwater because it is a whole new unexplored landscape. As I was shooting Tahoe sup’s underwater shots I was reminded of what it used to be like to take pictures, by that I mean a couple years ago, back when you we would shoot film; the set up, shoot, and then wait for the film to be developed. In this case though I was stuck in a dry suit and the camera was in the housing with no preview, no way to verify focus or histograms, just shoot and know that there will be something there. I took a class in Paris years back and the Prof. always refered to this saying, “Le hasard fait bien les choses”, it is a bit difficult to translate but for me it was about happy accidents, letting yourself make mistakes. That seems to be happening less and less in photography, at least in my world.

G_RodMcLean_Sup_Lel_Paddleboard G_RodMcLean_Sup_Jake&Lel G_RodMcLean_Sup_Kids G_RodMcLean_Sup_Jake&Lel1 G_RodMcLean_Sup_Board_underwater G_RodMcLean_Sup_Lel_port G_RodMcLean_Sup_Jake G_RodMcLean_Sup_NateAlpine G_Jake&Lel_3395wip1v1c G_Jake&Christy_2618wip1v1c G_DougRelaxing_7043wip1v1c

and some out-takes

drysuit sup-out3 sup-out1 sup-out2

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