Surf Kayaker Sean Morley

Client: Personal
Locations: SF, CA
Retouching: me

We went out to shoot World Champion surf kayaker Sean Morley for a personal portfolio piece last week. I had read that his biggest adventure to date was: “Sea kayaking in a Force 10 gale on the north coast of Scotland with my buddy Ian Wilson. The wind had created a vortex around 150ft Stac Clo Mor. It was insane and we were very lucky to make it through the gap between the rock pinnacle and the 900ft cliffs without capsizing. Had either of us come out of our kayak there would have been no realistic hope of rescue. Experiences like this make you respect the awesome power of Mother Nature.” The day we went out there was not exactly a force 10 gale nor was there a high surf warning but it was a perfect day to create some great imagery with Sean.

G_RodMcLean_SurfKayaker_Sean_Morley G_RodMcLean_SurfKayaker_uw_ G_RodMcLean_SurfKayaker_uw_HDR2_flat



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