Parkour with Rene Scavington and the Origins Parkour Crew


par·kour /pärˈkoo͝or/ noun
noun: parkour; noun: parcour; plural noun: parcours
the activity or sport of moving rapidly through an area, typically in an urban environment, negotiating obstacles by running, jumping, and climbing.

I have shot some crazy stuff over the years and after living in Africa for years I am not phazed by much. Yet watching these athletes left me speehless for the 1st ten minutes. The location we were shooting at was technically a “no fall zone” from my opinion but they didn’t seem to even notice.

Parkour_hanging_over_water_Rod_McLean_g1 Parkour_Gap_Jump_running_Rene_sequence_Rod_McLean_g Parkour_Gap_Jump_Alyssa_Rod_McLean_g Parkour_double_Gap_Jump_Rod_McLean_g Parkour_Bridge_Gap_Jump_wall_run_Rene_Rod_McLean_g Parkour_Athletes_Portrait_Rod_McLean_g

Rod McLean is a renowned commercial and advertising photographer, specialized in active lifestyle, sports, and portrait images.

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