Army ROTC Campaign

Client: US Army
Locations: Fort Campbell, Fort Bliss, Fort Gordon, Fort Bragg
Agency: McCann Worldwide
Agency: Proof Advertising
AD: Liane Ray-Schulte
AB/AE: Sparky Witte
AB/AE: Zennah Jones
Producer: Steve Dolden of MKUltra Productions
Retouching: me & some help from Sugar Digital


38 (22″x7″) Final images: 2.5 years in production , 128 versions, over 1,550 layers, 962.37 gigs, 5 Army bases, 19 flights, 31 days on location, 29 nights in bad hotels, 165 locations scouted, 43 final locations, 845 casting images, 81 hero talent photographed, over 450 extras, 98 paratroopers, 3 dogs, no kids, 280 background pieces, 53 humvees, 42 trucks, 7 helicopters, 5 tanks, 325 guns, 16 big guns, 8 bigger guns, 6 missiles, 1 robot, 1 bomb suit, 3 mobile satellites, a court room, hospital, 4 offices, 5 warehouse…



rotc-26 rotc-9 rotc-5 rotc-23


rotc-24 rotc-3 rotc-13 rotc-8 rotc-12 Army_tanks_RMcLean_blog rotc-6 rotc-7 rotc-20 rotc-2 rotc-11 rotc-1 rotc-16 rotc-10 rotc-14 rotc-17 rotc-15 rotc-18 rotc-25 rotc-27 rotc-21 rotc-22



and some out-takes





aviation-2 aviation-1 Aviation_hover portraits Tank-1 location-1 infantry-1 early-morning




Rod McLean is a renowned commercial and advertising photographer, specialized in active lifestyle, sports, and portrait images.

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