Mountain Hardware with Erik Skaden

Client: Mountain Hardwear-Montrail
Agency: In-House
Location: Tahoe, CA
Athlete: Erik Skaden
AD: Chris Strasser
Retoucher: me



Erik Skaden,  Ultra-marathoner with Mountain Hardware Team Montrail,  training for the Western States 100. We needed to shoot him running in snow, rain, mud, and lots of water. Just the conditions he runs in and what the clothes were made for but like most shoots, by the time we needed to shoot the snow was almost gone in Tahoe. We had some scouts out, made a bunch of calls, but the only place any snow existed was at the slopes, not the greatest for trail running, but it seemed like the best chance. A couple days before the shoot the weather was calling for a full-on spring, so perfect. The day of the shoot the weather was amazing, we had planned to drive to Tahoe but we could not even get close, visibility was nil, so was we decided to pull off at the closest park and just start shooting. It was nuts, the snowflakes were so big they were screwing with the autofocus of the camera. Within a couple hours we had shot way more than we needed and the storm was over so we headed south to find rain and water. In the end we have a couple thousand images of Erik in the snow, mud, rain, and lots of water.




G_RodMcLean_MHW_Erik_river2 G_RodMcLean_MHW_Erik_stream1 G_RodMcLean_MHW_Erik_port G_RodMcLean_MHW_Erik_run G_RodMcLean_MHW_Erik_port_snow G_RodMcLean_MHW_Erik_lakesnow G_MHW_Erik_6711wip1v1 G_MHW_Erik_7346wip1v1

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