Let’s Shoot In BC, Canada! -Remote Live Streaming Capabilities

We, like everyone in our business, were curious what remote shooting actually means for those of us who love to shoot, remote…..

As a US based photographer with my production company, Anasara Productions Inc, and rep, The Gren Group, based in the US but me, living in Vancouver, Canada.  I was particularly interested how this could work with my US clients being, well in the US.

Shooting from a studio, with highspeed internet access and unlimited wifi, was a bit of a no-brainer but what if we like to shoot outside, those hard to get to locations, where cell service is available but not always perfect?

So we decided to pull a crew together, find a location with limited cell service, come up with a simple scenario that involved all the typical ins and outs of a shoot, and see if we could make it happen.

The end result, it works and quite well actually.

Of course there is nothing like on-set collaboration, but with zoom and the Teradek system, we are pretty close.

Check out our Let’s Shoot In BC, Canada! -Remote Live Streaming   Capabilities video and let us know if you have any questions.





Why shoot in BC?

Simply put BC is an amazing place to shoot.We are the 3rd largest production hub in North America behind LA and NYC, so we can   handle any size production.

BC’s diverse topography of cities, urban and small towns, architecture, universities, forests, mountains, rivers, lakes, beaches, biking and hiking trails, and the list goes on.
Making it a perfect location for Healthcare, Lifestyle, and of course, Adventure Lifestyle.

Not that I want to make it about the $$, but have you seen the exachange rate? $1 USD = $1.34 CAD

Logistics, everything goes through Anasara Productions, Inc and  The Gren Group, both based in the US. Have more questions about remote shooting, covid, or the Teradek system?

I could elaborate but really I would just be copy and pasting from Kindred and Scout Productions, so here is the link!









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