Galveston Tourism

Client: Galveston Tourism
Location: Galveston, TX
AD: Joyce Calver
Retoucher: me

How I ended up shooting women in vintage bathing suits sitting on top of a B25 still confuses me. That is what I love about taking pictures for a living though. We get to do the craziest shit and call it work.

G_gav_Plane_5492-88_1 plane G_Strand_1 G_gav_Beach_83385b_1 G_gav_beachsurf G_gav_beach_chairs G_gav_Beach_7652 G_gav_Beach_7646 G_gav_visitor G_gav_ArtG_9499 G_Elissa G_Gav_WallyG G_gav_shrimpBoats1

Rod McLean is a renowned commercial and advertising photographer, specialized in active lifestyle, sports, and portrait images.

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