Ballet at the Foundry, well sort of!

I am always looking for new subjects so every couple months I post on craigslist “Looking for Athletes”. Imagine how psyched I was when Professional Ballet Dancer Sabrina Finegold responded to my post. We then found this amazing industrial space in Berkeley. I pulled out the Graflex Super D and blew through one of my last packs of 665. Think it might just be my favorite film of all time, as much as I know in photoshop I still can not even come close to duplicating the look of a polaroid neg. DP Rory Brenna grabbed some Killer footage we will post soon.

G_Dance Ballet 1 G_Dance_Ballet_3 G_Dance_Ballet_4 G_Dance_Ballet_5 G_Dance_Ballet_6 G_RMcLean_D_J3 G_RMcLean_D_J2 G_RMcLean_D_J4 G_RMcLean_D_J5 G_RMcLean_Dance_tube_J9 G_RMcLean_D_J7 G_RMcLean_D_J6 RMcLean_Dance_tube_J12 RMcLean_Dance_tube_J11 RMcLean_Dance_tube_J10 RMcLean_Dance_tube_J8

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