Celab Holonko @calebholonko

I got to work with Calab Holonko, @calebholonko, a while back. It didn’t take long to realize how difficut it was going to be to translate how crazy good of a rider he is with still images.  Advertising is easy,    the rider can be 6 inches off the ground but with the right camera             angle and wardrobe they might look 20 ft.  Celab showed up in a        t-shirt, shorts, no gloves, random sneakers, and a helmet that offered less protection than my 5 yr old daughters hello kitty helmet but he thinks nothing of hucking a 30ft gap.  He was making it look so easy          for the briefest moment I thought maybe it was, then a group of        talented, fully armoured riders stopped and carried their bikes across. So yeah, you get my point, I love the images from this series but know they are missing that “holy shit” feeling.
Location: Mt Seymour, North Vancouver, BC






Rod McLean is a renowned commercial and advertising photographer, specialized in active lifestyle, sports, and portrait images.

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