Bikini Athlete

It was great working with Bikini Athlete Chanel Nichole Harris.

G_B_CNH_052614_7224s G_B_CNH_052614_7310s G_B_CNH_052614_7912s G_B_CNH_052614_8111s G_B_CNH_052614_8191s G_CNH_052614_1431s G_CNH_052614_7017s G_CNH_052614_7055s B_CNH_052614_7573s B_CNH_052614_1333s B_CNH_052614_7533s B_CNH_052614_8311_mirror B_CNH_052614_8396 B_CNH_052614_7560s G_B_CNH_052614_1374ws

Rod McLean is a renowned commercial and advertising photographer, specialized in active lifestyle, sports, and portrait images.

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